Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What is The Verbalist?

Verbalist started as VerbaList v 1.0 in July 2006 as a thrice-a-week mailing list with new words and great examples of those words. It was different because it was fun, simple and had guides to pronunciation.

VerbaList took a break for a while, then came back in 2008, and then took another long sabbatical from September 2008 onward.

Back in September 2008, the power of Twitter was virtually unknown, and people were still learning how to deal with Facebook. Things are drastically different today. The unfortunate and tragic events in Mumbai from November 26-29 revealed Twitter as a potent communication tool. And Facebook is still growing...

So here we are- now back as Verbalist, ready for Web 2.0 with a Facebook Page and a Twitter account. So join us to learn new words, delve into their origins, and discover the buzziest words around!

This blog will be updated in sync with our other social media feeds. But with more detailed explanations and in-depth research, wherever possible.

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Happy Learning!

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